Adam is a main character in Our Generation. He is adoptive son of Kurt and Blaine. He was adopted when he was twelve years old. He was american and coincidentally his name was Adam. He is straight.

He is portrayed by Avan Jogia and was created by RosemaryAlysse/RosieAlysse.


Was born October 1, 2026. He lived in a foster home his entire life until he was twelve when Kurt and Blaine adopted him. He was happy to finally have a home.


He is very curious and adventurous. He often gets in trouble, but he isn't a bad boy; he's a class clown. He can make people laugh very easily and can be a bit of a theif. He is well known and has lots of friends, including his parrot Lucy. He loves to play pranks and to just laugh. He can be dim-witted at times, but will eventually come to terms with it. He doesn't trust people easily, despite his easy-going nature. He wants to get to know a person before he judges them or trusts them.