Selena gomez

Anna Lopez-Pierce is the daughter of Santana and Brittany and sister of Emily Lopez-Pierce. She can be described as hot-headed and is often in a mood. Her parents can't help but see her as a princess. She is pansexual. She has a hip hop/girly clothing style.

Her celebrity portrayor is Selena Gomez. ALittleDifferent88 created Anna.


Anna was born May 30, 2027. Not much is known about her history.


Anna is a little sarcastic and hot headed. She is a nice girl not too bubbly, but very optimistic. If you get passed Anna's moodiness and major attitude she's some what nice she just doesn't approve if you are friends with someone who is fake in her opinion. Anna only tries to make her parents happy so she does whatever she thinks will make them happy even if that means joining the Cheerios which she hasn't done yet. Anna flirts, but never makes the first move she likes to play games and makes people chase after her. Anna is also true to herself, but just can't help, but to be a princess in her parents eyes she will do anything. Anna will also throw a few punches if someone messes with her family. She enjoys pranks and to start trouble.