She is a main character in the story Our Generation. She is the daughter of Mike and Tina. She is a babysitter and she is straight.

She is portrayed by Hailee Steinfield. She is created by EmberandChocalate.


She was born October 28, 2027. Not much is known about Carter's history.


She is very fun person and funny, laid back and can get serious if needed to. She is also optimistic and looks at the bright side of everything. She is a smart person, but not intelligent. She can be friends with everyone(sometimes), she is rarely ever mad but when she is RUN! She is often absent-minded and off-task. She doesn't really pay attention due to her ADHD.

Clothing Style/Celebrity AppearanceEdit

 She usually just wears a hoodie, graphic t-shirt, skinny jeans, and flats.

Her celebrity appearance is Hailee Steinfield.