Clarie is a main character in Our Generation. She is daughter of Rory and Harmony. She is really mean and is the sister of Tierney . She is straight and is 17 and a junior. She wears mostly girly tops, jeans, and boot. She is a tiger (cheerleading squad)

Her celebrity portrayor is Grace Phipps. She was created by EmberandChocalate's sister.


She is born on February 14, 2026. Not much is known about her history.


She is the most snarkiest thing ever to exist. She likes to badmouth about everyone. If anyone can spread gossip it's her. She will do anything to get what she wants. Do not be fooled by her beauty. She is not afraid to get into a fight if needed. Her heart is a small as a dust particle floating in the air, or maybe she just doesn't have one. She gets most of this from her mom's competitivness.