Daniel Hart
 Daniel is a main character in Our Generation. He is the son of Joe and Kitty Hart, and half-brother of Calypso. He is straight.

His celebrity portrayor is Niall Horan. He was created by EmberandChocalate.


He was born December 26, 2028. He is the younger brother of Hayden Hart and half-brother of Calypso Lynn. Not much is known about his history.


He is a total jerk. He likes to make jokes and wise comments. He is very arrogant, and he may be smart but not common sense smart because he does the dumbest things. He is very athletic and he has a short-temper. He can be funny and nice to people he likes. He actually has a heart, but you need to find it and its not easy. To be friends with him, you most likely need to be fun or just like him.

Clothing StyleEdit

He wears a varsity jacket, with white V-neck, jeans, and supras.