Hayden is a main chracter in  Our Generation. He is the son of Joe and Kitty Hart, brother of Daniel Hart and half-brother of Calypso Lynn. He has conflicted feelings over his sexuality, because he is bi-sexual. 

His celebrity portrayor is Logan Lerman. He is created by ALittleDifferent88.


He was born on March 26, 2027. Not much is known about his history, except he skipped a grade.


Hayden is a laid back guy he doesn't really pay attention to cliques or clubs. He doesn't like school so therefore doesn't really pay attention. Hayden hold grudges and isn't too fond of his half-sister or her dad so he tries to make it hard as heck for her every moment he is with her. Hayden goes out for the first remotely pretty girl he sees. Hayden is a tough guy to be around and is a little antisocial and has a very small group of people he hangs out with. He isn't very picky and not very judgemental. He also is a smart mouth and points out everything obvious he enjoys annoying people. He is pretty neurotic mainly when it comes to his family and he gets in constant arguments with almost everyone in his family. He likes to be snippy and to piss everyone off. The only one he can really seem to stand is his friends and his dog. He will not hesitate to get suspended.