Emily rudd

Miri is a main character in Our Generation. She is the adopted daughter of Kurt and Blaine and adoptive sister of Adam Hummel-Anderson. She is very sweet and generous. She is straight.

She is portrayed by Emily Rudd. She is created by EmberandChocalate.


Not much is known about Miri's history accept she was adopted and was born on April 28, 2025.


She is a very happy person and fun to be around. She is a unique person with a unique attitude. She is very peaceful, even if you bully her. She loves colorful stuff and music. She likes rainbows and unicorns and prefers to make the world a better place. She can be gullible, because she always wants to see the best in people, though it is not as easy to trick her into doing something than most people think. She gets along great with everyone, including rebels, jocks, and bullies, because she is such a likeable person.