Rebecca Sh
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uester is one of the main characters. She is the daughter of Will and Emma Shuester and sister of Aubrey Shuester, her fraternal twin sister. She is very athletic and partcipates in soccer.


She was born November 9, 2027. She lived in Lima her whole life with Aubrey and was thrilled to move to New York, unlike Aubrey. She moved to New York sophomore year.


Shes a very carefree and go with the flow type of girl. She doesn't worry too much about anything, and she doesn't have a strong sense of commitment and responsibility. She is rarely serious, and takes almost everything light heartedly. She is always cracking jokes and trying to make people smile, and she rarely frowns herself. She's confident, she honestly doesn't give a crap what everyone thinks of her. She believes that she doesn't need to please anyone. She also believes that life is meant to have fun, and we shouldn't stress over things that are so unimportant in the big picture, like pimples or crushes or school dances. She's a major daredevil. She's a thrill seeker and will do almost anything she is challenged too. She's not afraid to try crazy things. In fact, she loves trying crazy things. The only thing she hates is when people mix her up with Aubrey, or when the compare her to Aubrey. That's why she dyed her hair- to set them apart. She wants people to see her as her own person, and not just clump her mad Aubrey together because they are twins. 

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

Rebecca's hair is naturally a dark brown color very similar to her dads. However, in an effort to differentiate herself from her twin, her hair is currently dyed red. It's cut short, falling around her shoulders. She almost always has it in a high ponytail, and usually a few strands in the front have fallen out. She is the same height as her sister, 5'7, and has the same naturally tall and skinny build. She is however, more muscular and toned than her sister from soccer.

Shes very laid back and athletic. Usually she just wears the first thing she can grab, as long as it's comfortable. A typical outfit would be a tshirt and jeans or sweats with tennis shoes. 

Rebecca-Aubrey RelationshipEdit

Rebecca is Aubrey"s twin sister. See more in Rebecca-Aubrey Relationship.