Taylor Puckerman is a main character in Our Generation. She is daughter of Jake and Marley and older sister of Vanessa Puckerman. She is very artsy and rebellious. She is straight. 

She is portrayed by Odette Yustman. She is created by RosemaryAlysse/RosieAlysse.


She was born March 2nd, 2025. She is a senior. Not much is known about her history.

Personality Edit

She is very much like her dad. A rebel. She is also very artistic and loves to draw and paint and stuff like that. She is very creative and is going through scetch books faster than you go through groceries. She is always seen with her scetchbook. When she isn't drawing, she is terrorizing students and being your normal bad girl. She doesn't talk much or have friends. She actually likes singing and has her mother's voice. Obviously, her younger sister got the dancing, because Taylor has two left feet. She looks more like her mom, than her dad, though she is still her daddy's little girl (Vanessa is daddy's little princess; Taylor still makes fun of her for it). 

​Clothing StyleEdit

She wears graphic tees, skinny jeans or tight jeggings, a leather jacket and combat boots. She prefers hoop and danglings earrings. Her favorite pair is some turquoise peacock feather earrings.

Taylor-Vanessa RelationshipEdit

Taylor and Vanessa are sisters. For more info go to Taylor-Vanessa Relationship.