Tierney Flanagan is a main character in the story Our Generation. He is the son of Rory and Harmony. He has quite the bushy eyebrows and is straight.

His celebrity portrayor is Dylan Everett. He was created by danny1993.


He was born on July 1, 2027. Not much is known about his history.


TK is much like his dad in the sense that he is really sweet and very naïve. But he has inherited his mother's competitive nature, and would do almost anything to succeed. He does love to have fun and loves pulling pranks on people, but he would never do anything to properly hurt anyone. He can be very shy when it comes to girls he likes, but is naturally a very outgoing and fun loving guy. TK is really smart and gets really good grades, but he doesn't like showing how smart he really is. He keeps making jokes that he is adopted because he has brown eyes and his parents both have blue.

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

TK is quite short, with deep brown eyes, and chocolate brown hair. He has a burn on his lower back from an incident involving fire when he was a little boy. He weighs 135lbs at the most, and is around 5ft6. He has a long fringe that sweeps over his eyes, and a bright smile that could make anyone smile too. He has quite bushy eyebrows(hence Sue's nickname)

Tierney prefers skinny jeans, usually in dark blue or black. He loves checked shirts, with a graphic tee under it. He always wears green baseball boots.